EU Server - Bypass SSC Health Reset


Dimensions or Services it affects

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
Any time a staff member connects to Survival from the EU server (which I currently do) while having the Bypass SSC command item equipped

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug
I’m from the US, so I have a better connection on the US server compared to the EU one. IPs from here:

In the first video I recorded I connect to Survival from the US server with the Bypass SSC command item equipped. Both joining and leaving it work just fine, where I’m able to join with my regular player having the maxed out, 500 HP:

However, in the second video I recorded, I connect to Survival from the EU server without making any changes to my DTP inventory. When I join Survival, I have everything from my regular player, but my health is reset to 100 in Survival even though my regular player has 500:

This health reset only happens when I join through the EU server and not the US server. I even joined Survival again afterwards through the US server and my health worked just fine.


happens to me too but i just thought that it was normal