Hello, my alias here is Enigma, and on your DG server I go by Enigmatic. You’ll probably see me throwing toxic flasks around for no reason sometimes, but that isn’t important. I originated from a Gmod gaming community called Hammerfall Gaming, where I played committedly for a year straight clocking a total of 760 hours in gmod on their servers alone. In addition to this I administrated on their Military Roleplay Seriousrp server for about 6 months ago in early June, but i have since moved on in life. As fate would have it I stumbled upon this community, and whether or not I stay long term remains to be seen, but I’m here for now! As a side note I am an otaku, and I am always up for a good discussion on the topic. In fact I’ll probably be copy pasting my anime recommendations list if there is a “general” section on the forums, but as I make this post I am yet to fully explore the forums. I hope everyone reading this has a good day!~

Welcome to Dark-Gaming my friend!

Welcome to the server!


I am special.

Do not question it. Consider it your greeting :]

Clucks and Pecks To The Ground

Cluck…welcome…i am Chicken and Pig PH in-game…
well…welcome : }

Velcome to ze zerver! Hef a gut teim und a grate experiance! (RIP English)