Enhance zombies builder zchest commands

Add two new commands for zchest category:

/zchest changeprice <item> <class> <tier> <newprice>
Instead of deleting the item itself and removing all of it’s modifications, it is simple to have a setprice command

/zchest changetier <item> <class> <tier> <newtier>
Similar to previously but with tiers

ok ive got an idea about this. what if we did this but we mapped both commands to the /zchest moditem section? could be a stretch but we could add them as part of the modding types

0 = Prefix
1 = Color
2 = Damage
3 = Knockback
4 = UseAnimation
5 = UseTime
6 = ShootProjectileId
7 = ShootSpeed
8 = Scale
9 = AmmoIdentifier
10 = UseAmmoIdentifier
11 = NotAmmo
12 = DropAreaWidth
13 = DropAreaHeight

these are the current ones we have right now. They currently affect the weapon, but it may be possible to affect its chest stats.

Here is a proposed list of extra Types (it seems like a waste only having 13 after all)

14 = Item ID
15 = Class
16 = Tier
17 = Cost
18 = Quantity
--- Explanation for them

14 = Item ID (this one changes the items ID itself.)
For example, if I had a Katana that shot wooden arrows, and I wanted to change the item, I could use [/zchest moditem Katana Swordsman 2 14 "Breaker Blade"], and it would change into a Breaker Blade that shoots wooden arrows

15 = Class (this one changes what class the item is in)

16 = Tier (this one changes the tier that the item is in)

17 = Cost (this one changes the cost of the item)

18 = Quantity (this changes the quantity of the item)

this might be dumb but idk i think it would make it easier then needing to memorize new commands

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