[Ended] Christmas Chaos Parkour

Has been edited! Please read again!
Open from December 24 to December 31st. This is a Christmas themed parkour challenge I created with help from DillePickle and Knight_Robokill, and is inspired by “The Gauntlet” by Unarmedbox.

1st place: 5 credits, r10 “Chief of Tribes” title, 200k DP and a random r9 tag.
2nd place: 2 credits, a random r9 tag and 100k DP.
3rd place: Eternal shame for not getting first.
(If you’re a member of the “Bakon clan” and complete this even without being 1st 2nd or 3rd, you will receive a rank up.)

To enter all you have to do is have me (Lord Avery) watch you complete the course in under 20 minutes with no buffs exept lifeforce. When the event closes the 3 people with the shortest times will win. You may try three times per day, but each run will replace the time of the previous one.

The course is located at: 1194’ West, 1220’ Caverns, or at “/warp Avery’s Challenge” (on main).
Here’s a picture.

If no one beats it, checkpoints will be added and there will be a time extension on when it will end.



Man…we should build the Minigame named Death Run!..

just like minecraft Death run… xD

Really really good Avery! :slight_smile:

Chicken, I’d be down for that.
Thanks A68 :smiley: It took a bit of time.

Hey Avery i finished your challenge but idk how to put screenshots in here?

I’d have to see you complete it so that I could record your time.


Well, at least it was good practice.

how do you post pics ?

[lmg]Link goes here[/lmg]

huh?..i dont understanD?

You put [.img]IMAGE LINK HERE[./img]
but without the ‘.’

that means i gotta make a link?

Left click the image and hit “copy link” then hit ctr+v to paste it.

let me try…

Rather then bringing this thread back from hell with a new post, I’ve decided to just edit this one. No one managed to beat my challenge. Easter has now passed and it is closed.