Emerald Eye Clan

  1. If you are on my clan you have to be nice to every one MOSTLY “The Cobalt Rebellion clan” because we are allies.

  2. Do not try to grief anything because that will ruin our reputation. And same with the chat rules please don’t spam because it just makes out clan look bad.

  3. HAVE FUN and that is a rule, but just have fun on the server building and doing all kinds of things with out clan and yea I guess that’s all the rules I have.

The Emerald Eye clan…

It is a clan that I made because I wanted to make some of the people on this clan connected so that we all can have fun just ask me if you want to join.

I am the leader JacksonJF and I will love to invite you into my group just comment on this and say you would like to be on my clan.


You need to be apart of the crew to be in my clan so what you have to do is go and register on the server than go to Dark-gaming.com and make a account then go to DTP in the top left corner and connect to steam and you are done you can now be on my clan!! :smiley: can’t wait to see you there!