Eerie’s Moderator Application

Q1 - What is your in-game account name?


Q2 - What is your timezone?

UTC +2

Q3 - How often are you actively playing on the server?

Daily 3-7 hours

Q4 - Which dimension do you play on the most?


Q5 - Have you read the rules?


Q6 - What is your expectation of being in the role of Moderator?

Generally helping out the server and the community by making sure rules are not broken and similiar things.

Q7 - What is the minimum number of months you expect to be in the role of Moderator?

6 months.

Q8 - Do you have any programming experience?

Currently learning C# but not much actual experience at the very moment.

Q9 - Do you understand how to report players?


Q10 - Have you made any player reports before?


Q11 - Are you in our Discord Server, if so what is your Discord NAME#ID?


Q12 - Do you want your application to be published to #moderator-applications?

Yes, after a decision has been made on my application.