Echo and illuminant coating, rubblemaker thoughts

Coatings vid and Rubblemaker vid

So these are new 1.4.4 items. Since there are a lot of builders, I want to know your thoughts on them

I go first.

Rubblemaker is kind of surprise, no one spoiled that. And i sorta like it. It basically adds tedit to vanilla. Am a lil afraid of realisation though. I think it will be hard to use

Coatings are different. Illuminant coating, i like it. But echo. I didnt like it when it was first spoiled. Trashy builds will have a lot of that on diff furni items, which will look like GD recent levels with shake triggers. But when i saw it in action, it liked it. Still i think its too op for traps and too bad for trashy builds.


I absolutely LOVE the new items.

Rubblemaker will be absolutely EPIC for adventure maps and builds regardless. It’ll also add the realism vibe to Zombie’s maps, which I’m really excited about. I’ll have to update Fiery Crags with the Rubblemaker after 1.4.4 release!
Echo and Illuminant Coating are two things I have been waiting for. They are extremely good for traps, and will be simply awesome for both zombies maps, and for making builds look more realistic and interesting. The concept of invisible Cactus Boulders makes my inner troll rejoice. Illuminant Coating will also be a more than welcome addition to the game. I can’t think of any uses right now, but I’ll definitely be experimenting with and using it.


I support. :+1:


Vanilla tedit finally?


i LOVE this update



i really like them, cant wait for the update