Easter Hunt 2016

This event is brought to you by Lord Avery.
It’s that time of year again. The second Easter Egg Hunt commences. Some of this is the same information presented last year; You can only find eggs from clues you have collected. If someone tells you where an egg is, but you do not have the clue, you cannot retrieve the egg! Although really, please don’t share egg locations with others. The fun of the Hunt is to solve the clue and win the prizes.

The Event will run for few days. Prizes may include:
[ul][li]Rand Item Rewards[/li]
[li]Colored Title/Tags[/li]
[li]Special Item Types[/li]

All Egg locations were placed on the Mirror server!

Go to t.dark-gaming.com/#hunt
You will first start with no clues and at Level 1. Each Clue will cost 20,000 DP to purchase, however if you want to hold more than 1 clue at a time, it will cost more.

When you purchase a clue, it will appear on the page. The clue is the only information provided for the location of the egg, however some players might help (or tell you the answers >.> ). When you think you are standing where an egg is, click the “Search vicinity for egg” button on the appropriate clue. Please note that you must have at least 6 slots free in your inventory to ensure the rewards can be given out, if the rewards cannot be given due to lack of space, it will tell you the egg is not found! Otherwise, if it really is not there, it will tell you it is not found. If the egg was found, the clue will disappear and the rewards will be displayed.

There are 5 Egg Levels, each reward better prizes and (hopefully) have harder to find locations. The 5th level has one clue, one prize and can only be found by one person!

It isn’t against the rules to tell others of the locations, but it may spoil their fun. Happy Easter!

currently, me Razor and Cookie are all stuck on the first one on egg level 2. I’m 1st place and Razor is second. if we don’t get a hint or something the Hunt with never continue. Halp

It was solved, don’t worry

The Easter Hunt will be closing near the end of 04/04/2016 UTC. Currently only Level 5 users are able to continue. If no one finds the last egg location, it will carry over to the next Hunt.

well, no one solved it, by [quote=Rofle]“it will carry over to the next hunt”[/quote] mean that this will be the final clue next year?

no. Next Hunt.