Easter Egg Hunt

To follow the Easter Holiday thing, we’re going to host an event. An Easter Egg Hunt, which will show the temporary use of a new feature for the Trading System, which will allow players to hunt down places on the map that contain ‘Easter Eggs’, which may give you DP, Items or something else. Each Player will use the new ‘Egg Hunt’ page when it is out to collect clues about the whereabouts of the eggs, and to then precede to follow up on that clue to find it. You can only find eggs from clues you have collected. If someone tells you where an egg is, but you do not have the clue, you cannot retrieve the egg!

The Event will run in a few days, when the feature has been made, and the eggs and prizes have been put in place. Prizes may include:
[ul][li]R11 Cmd Items[/li]
[li]Rand Item Rewards[/li]
[li]Large Estate Plots[/li]
[li]Discounts for Shops[/li]
[li]And More![/li][/ul]

You’ll know when the Hunt is on as an Alert will be present on the Trading System. Happy Easter!

You will first start with no clues and at Level 1. Each Clue will cost 10,000 DP to purchase, however if you want to hold more than 1 clue at a time, it will cost more.

When you purchase a clue, it will appear on the page. The clue is the only information provided for the location of the egg, however some players might help (or tell you the answers >.> ). When you think you are standing where an egg is, click the “Search vicinity for egg” button on the appropriate clue. Please note that you must have at least 6 slots free in your inventory to ensure the rewards can be given out, if the rewards cannot be given due to lack of space, it will tell you the egg is not found! Otherwise, if it really is not there, it will tell you it is not found. If the egg was found, the clue will disappear and the rewards will be displayed.

There are 5 Egg Levels, each reward better prizes and (hopefully) have harder to find locations. The 5th level has one clue, one prize and can only be found by one person!

Such a great idea for Easter. It’s gonna be awesome!

I’m looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a lot of fun! :smiley: Can’t wait!


Up from the center of several spires,
go right and find a vehicle with no tires.
Keep on going til you see a blade,
you’ll find a present there in the glade.

Our interpretation was the spires were the skeleton torture dungeon building below ZzUltimatezZ’s Gemspark House. The vehicle with no tires was the Mine Cart, and the blade is the Terra Blade statue. But well, we could be wrong.

Nevermind, I found it.

we found the place ^
but when I try to find the egg, it fails

You must have space for the rewards, or you cannot pick the egg up.

We accidentally took off the shark traps by the west cause we thought someone grieved the area. Does this affect the egg? Cause we can’t find it.

I put them back rofle ^.^

Never mind again. Fuzzy found it again. :smiley:

You messing with my sharks?!

sue me!!!

Can we have something like a general marker for, “Yay, you found the egg! Now stand exactly here or you won’t get the prize!”? Because a lot of times we know we are at the right location but there is no such marker that would tell use that that is the exact place where to check for the egg. We only found it through sheer luck. The best examples for this is the Underwater Shark Egg and the “No Wolverine” Mouth Egg, also the Red Blight Wreath Egg took us 2-3 hours to find; cause it’s inaccessible without /buildmode and countless RoD uses.

I can’t mark the actual creations because they’re not mine. The only thing I could do is give a hint of direction. So if you are within 50 blocks, it will say “Close! Go NE more”

Thanks, that helps. owo

Also, how long will the event last? And are there any other uses for Credits aside from Craft?

well for the shark one I actually put a marker when I was choosing the spot then forgot to remove the paint so I mean…

Yeah there was a 4-block-black paint tile but there was also a random hole below the sharks so I thought that was it.

The Hunt is now Closed to anyone who has not already started.
The Hunt will end completely when one person solves the last clue, or on Friday. The feature I mentioned previously will be put in before then.