Duplicated/Overridden profile


Dimensions or Services it affects

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
This is the first time it has happened to me. I have seen other people going through the same experience before however.

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug
My profile when I joined survival around 14:33 UTC:

Specterum’s profile, when I checked a few minutes later:

The server I logged in was not the EU server. When I was teleported into the Survival dimension, my character keeps on flickering for a while (the same effect as a new character just joins the world), so I typed /rift to go back. After entering Survival again, I got the overridden profile.

Specterum was busy making their own base they weren’t paying attention to my questions so I don’t know if anything happened on their side. They kept on playing normally so I guess not.