Dumb idea - scratch coding to make zombie chests?

this might be too hard, but maybe scratch drop down block coding for zombies map making?
(this would allow for a quicker and more friendly touch drop expirience with making chests)

(example of 1 zenith in a class called “Mister Melee” at tier 8 which costs 150,000 points)

this is just a spitball idea, but it would be awesome to have, especially with being able to quickly edit chests. could be out of terraria editing, like how you can edit your title and tags in an external website
(also it doesnt have to exactly be scratch coding, just the way its sorted, im not too much of a coder)
(ill consider how to add item modifiications if this suggestion goes a bit far i guess)

ask any questions about it if you like :->

(i made this at 11PM so thats my excuse if this isnt a good idea)

(see you in 16 hours)

i dont even know how to react to this
all emotions in my head rn: confusion, nostalgia, cringe, will.
anyways, i have made semi-program for myself in order to easily code chests like a few months ago, i just didnt have good opportunity to test it


I’m not sure it makes sense to specifically use scratch as an example.

What I wanted to do originally is much like the pvp manager, have a website where map builders could make changes to their maps (with changelogs like pvp manager) as well as create an entry for their map before it is approved, so that you only need to come up with the list once and after approval register the chests rather than manually adding everything after the map is moved.

The UI wouldn’t need to be much more complicated than a simple table per class per chest.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to say whether it’s worth the time investment since the current method although annoying, does work.


I thought once about it and also think thats a great idea
However, please low priority, we really want some actual content


i just had the idea to have more user friendly coding and scratch was the first thing that i could think of as an example

yeah i havent really seen the pvp manager yet, but i think it would be nice.

yeah i agree with nether