Duel Zombie Survival

A PvE/PvP GameMode is going to be created. It is only 2-player, and it serves no purpose other than to try to grab as much money from the other players as possible.

It works as follows:
Each player will wager a set amount (the base amount will be 1,000 DP). This amount is taken out of the players bank right before the match starts, and will be put into another table in-case the server crashes. The goal is to kill the other person before they kill you, or you just die from the zombies. You will get 3 rounds to gather your score and purchase what you will, if one of you dies during these 3 rounds, the other person automatically wins. Their wager and yours is transferred into their account. After the 3 rounds, starting on Round 4, PvP is force-enabled. Each round after 4 increases the wager by 25%. In the case that one of you does not have enough for this increase in wager, you will automatically lose and forfeit the game, resulting in the other person getting all the money.

This is a skill-based GameMode. I will probably disable the bosses or make 2 spawn.

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