DTP Suggestion: Reduce or Remove DP Depletion

As the title says it, please if there’s any chance that dp reduction can be removed or the number/time of its depletion can be reduced… please make it happen if possible.
Also the reason I want dp reduction to be removed is because of the dp requirement to initiate a trade, I’m fine with the 50 dp cost (I’m not sure about the amount of dp) and it’s already fair for initiating a trade to have a cost, but the only problem about it is the dp reduction ;-;. Sometimes I can’t trade cuz of my poor dp (lol) and what if a costumer doesn’t have dp, even the seller? That kinda makes the trade a little unfair.

In conclusion, (if you don’t get what I’m saying) just remove or reduce the time/number of dp depletion :))
But if it will cause malfunctions to the DTP system, I understand.

Thank you for taking your time reading ^^
(Also sorry for bad grammar xd)

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DP drain can not be removed since the DP that is drained from your inventory goes back to the DP bank to keep the economy in check as far as I know.


Dp is laughably easy to get.
Spend 10 minutes killing Queen Bee in PvE and you’ve got more than enough dp.

Dp drain hasn’t been a concern since Rofle removed xp efficiency.


Oh, well if that’s how the economy works on DG then there is no other option but to suffer from 0 dp ;-;
Sorry for my misunderstanding about the system of dp here :sweat_smile:


Lol those dp will be a waste tho, cause after a while I’ll be inactive on terraria and never play again until a week :v
So it’ll go back to 0 dp again


Why complain about dp if you’re just going to be inactive.


Even if you have 0 DP, you can just kill queen bees several times and you will have more than the amount of DP required for a trade. As Camelot mentioned.


Well I guess I’ll do all of these suggestions and tips you guys had given me

I just felt dp reduction is unfair, that’s the reason why I’d complain about dp, but at least I understand now