DTP Status

So you may have noticed that the DTP is a bit unstable right now. And maybe you were wondering why it’s suddenly like that or why it’s not fixed.

Well, I didn’t look too hard into it yet, but this is probably that recurring issue that keeps showing up on our gsk-texas-1 server which happens to be where it and our Terraria servers run (more info on our Patreon).

The issue is essentially that the server is not very good at talking to a different server where we store our DTP information.

So fix when?

Well sometimes just waiting has worked in the past, it doesn’t yet seemed to have gone away.

The last time this happened and it didn’t disappear I had to move all that information to a new server and hope they get along better, at least until the next time it happens (it’s happened twice already). Maybe this server is just not very good at getting along with others.

This also affects the Terraria servers themselves but it’s less noticeable (except PvE which was down for a while) because once they managed to get the conversation going with our DB server they seem to be ok. But the DTP does that every time you load the page, so it’s constantly failing to do that and doing it once or twice doesn’t help the next time you load the page.

There’s another option, which is moving the DTP to a better behaved server. But that’s also problematic because the DTP assumes it’s running in the same location as the other stuff it talks to, so it won’t work immediately after it being moved.

So why have you not do one of those yet?

Unfortunately, neither of these solutions is easy, since the DB server holds information the Terraria servers need as well, so moving that around will definitely cause trouble. So for now I’m waiting for either the problem to go away or the time available to try one of the above.


How many terabytes is the DTP data?


idk, but i tried to get patron of dg, but paypal isnt connecting to me.


It’s not that large. A few GBs or so, most of the data a year ago was from Phase, many more GBs, which has since been separated out to a different place, so that it is easier to move the data needed for the DTP/Terraria servers.

Since it’s not resolving itself I will be moving the data. I will schedule a time at some point where the server will be temporarily inaccessible so that no new data during the migration is lost once it is complete, I’ll post when on the forum and on Discord.


Just the dtp server, right, not the in-game one?


All dimensions, ban website and DTP


Also, would the sister server that runs on the same machine (Leafos) be affected too, or just DG? (not sure if this qualifies as advertising but I am just curious if it will be affected since it runs on the same machine)


is this the bug where dtp is crashing?


No, they don’t use our database.

Depends on what you mean by crashing. It’s related to the page not loading.


With crashing they mean when you click in DTP and suddendly it does not respond. After reloading you get the 522/524 error


What happens:

  1. Open dtp.dark-gaming.com
  2. Long wait of 30-60 seconds.
  3. DTP Loads with weird background.
  4. DTP acts like normal
    (or, it may do something else)

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