Dtp - Replace lvl up boxes with credits rewards

Replace lvl up boxes with .1 credit (instead lvl 1 lootbox), .2 cr for lvl2 LB and .3 cr for lvl3 LB, because they only give 1 item and you can craft after 3 weeks anyways a title or get titles from daily voting

I’m down with that


something i never considered but would like to see happen


It’d be nice to see something similar happen in the next proposed trading system concept(not so much this version), but not as a replacement for lootboxes. Personally, I think leveling up should simply be harder and reward both credits and lootboxes, but that may be just me.

Removing lootboxes when they’re the only viable option for the loot pool of colors/titles/tags as well as ores(basically the only real source of DP atm) seems counterproductive for this system. They’ll also be the most viable option we know of for the next system, provided that the market/selling items idea is implemented, and ores are returned to their original purpose being to repair item lifetime and not give DP.

(p.s i’m only seeing this suggestion now so i’m also only responding to it now).


if this gets accepted, hello good economy

  1. i think it is too much
  2. i think there should be an option to choose between getting boxes and creds

I like how now you can get things higher that r2 from lootboxes and they are now my source of dp from the metals i get so i would say have a low chance to get some credits and also has anyone ever got a tier 3 lootbox because if not they are the optimum thing to get replace with credits