DTP down (char limit)


Dimensions or Services it affects

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
Since 2022-05-27 05:40 AM UTC

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug

DTP does not load the site at all


Some say the DTP runs atm on a backup from 6 months ago (NOV 27 2021). People who registered less than 6 months ago may have problems entering Survival and entering /w. Do not register a new account via /register in that case else it may collide with the info if the server is fixed.

Phonggdk can enter DTP but I cannot enter it at all. The 522 error says that the host is causing the error. It says that Cloudfare in Munich / Hamburg, Germany is working fine but the server does not respond. @popstarfreas I dm you my IP if needed.


Now it said Error 524

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Welp, I also have trouble accessing the Phase and DTP site. I think there’s an ongoing maintenance? If there is, I’m gonna wait til it fixed I guess.