DP lose per death

I’ve really started to despise a part of PvP, and that’s the fact that you lose 10k DP per death. At first glance, it doesn’t seem THAT bad, but when you PvP as often as someone like Avery does, if you aren’t as good as Avery, you’re in for quite the DP loss. It’s like that really bad aftertaste of medicine, but it doesn’t really have a good side. Sure, you can argue that it teaches you to PvP properly instead of just derping around, but still. For someone like me who has a relatively large inventory, I gain roughly 25-40k DP every level. That means I can’t afford to die more than 5 times if I am to make a profit without selling my good items that I would like to keep. This SERIOUSLY sucks. I KNOW I’m not the only one who thinks like this either, so I’m not just fighting based off of my opinion. Here’s an example

I don’t feel like I should really need much more proof than this, but I’ll probably end up fighting for this cause some more anyways.
People are seriously quitting PvP because they are losing DP. I would like to save my DP up and try to purchase /sm off of someone or something, but that’s never going to happen because of how much I PvP. I would LOVE to get back into the groove of it and become Avery’s PvP partner, but I’m seriously not fond of the fact that I will lose a LOT of my DP. I’m also not fond of knowing that I’m also going to make him and anyone else who fights either of us in PvP lose DP. imo this should be completely removed from PvP. It’s a waste of DP, it makes less people want to PvP, and it’s a serious drawback for people trying to save up DP like I am. If removing it completely doesn’t work for whatever reason, it should at LEAST be lowered down below 500 DP.

I remember that before the DP loss per death feature, there used to be more active PvPers, but now the arenas are mostly empty and there aren’t as much active PvPers, I feel that if this feature remains or at least tweaked a bit, PvP might become almost non-existent. This is just my opinion, and I assume that it’s the same opinion of most if not all PvPers.

That’s true. There are a lot less PvPers, but a huge part in that is the fact that 1.3 is not as pvp friendly than 1.2.4 is. I do however feel like removing the dp loss would encourage people to pvp more often

The problem with this is that you’re wrong about the amount of DP loss. I’d also like to comment that this feature did not remove people from pvp. It was dead during the beginning updates of 1.3. This had no part in that, mostly because the active pvpers during that time were not even in the trading system.

Further, p2p interaction should not create an in-stream without an out-stream. Fair enough if you do not want to lose DP, but then it would be required to close the in-stream. At the moment this means logging out. Potentially at some future point it would mean disabling the streams manually. But never will I allow an in-stream in this scenario without an out-stream. That’s a flawed mechanic.

Moreover, I do plan on making sure the DP isn’t lost completely. In a future update it will be transferred to the killer rather than just lost.

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Well that does make it a bit more fair, but it’s still far too much DP per death. If you plan on changing it in the future, you should at least lower it in the present so that we can enjoy PvP without the downside, at least until you properly update it to give the dp to the killer.

Well, maybe if the dp loss depended on the ammount you had right now?

hmmm. % cost of death, based on time since last kill/death. Hey you know, how about it goes down for people who are killing/dying for a short period. So while you’re actively pvping (10+ or so) you will suffer less a loss. And that will include exchanging.

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That’s an intresting idea

How about, the higher your KDR the higher the DP loss is? So if someone with a 0.50 kdr dies, they lose say 500 DP but if someone with a 10.0 kdr dies, they lose 10,000 DP? The DP would be given to the killer.

I like that idea, Lord Avery finally dies, he looses a fair ammount of dp, but someone new to pvp dies, they lose very litle.

I have a very low KRD from 1.2 >:D

Well there’s a plan for something such. Although not the same. Essentially killstreaks on TS members (not default or guest users) will add DP to your KS Bank. However, if you want that DP you need to bank it. When you activate the function to do so, it will broadcast the DP you are about to bank and how many seconds until you do (the growth of DP reward is a polynomial, banking early potentially means missed out rewards). The time to bank will also grow. If you are killed or leave PVP during this time you will certainly drop the DP.

However, killing the person who was going to bank (only applies when they are trying to bank) will set your KS Bank to a % of that amount, and you too can try to bank it. Of course this has issues with people trying to exploit this generation of DP, so it’s not quite a complete package of an idea.

You see, the DP way of working here isn’t really finished. There are many aspects, but right now I feel people have too much DP (I never intended people to have 1 million+) so I went with the loss side of this first. Maybe when the system is more balanced I can introduce these things.

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What you just said was super confusing, but I could kind of grasp what you were saying. But based on what I could understand, that’s a really nice system!
(Wait, you never inteded for people to have 1 mil+? Infestr has way higher than that :P)