DP Glitch/Problem/Zombie Glitch

Hey, It’s Eonzz. I have recently been playing Zombies with GoldenRound, Leo, 2 other people. Only played 2 games and last night i had around 243,69? (the ? being a number 1-9 because i didnt remember the number) Dp the last time i checked because i even told Golden about it. And this morning i logged in and find myself Level 99, when i was lvl 34 or 33 with 0 DP. I have informed the newly appointed Admin Avery (grats my bud c:) about this and has told me to inform Rofle about it, but i do know rofle is mostly busy or not online so I didnt want to bother him at the time. I think from my last game i played when we all died (Zombies with GoldenRound, Me and Leo) it glitched when i logged off, or when we died, idk. But if someone can help me out and possibly figure out why this happened that would be awesome! Thanks for taking the time for reading this.

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There isn’t much of a glitch about it, you binged GM, but it doesn’t explain the EXP gain, oh and if your in a Private Lobby than you can tp to other people and not get teleported out of the arena, and Grats Lord, you always where a good person :3, just wish you would stop over pricing me, it cost me a good 300k to get /heal >:C

I didnt binge Gm XD I played two games with you guys and we barely got to round 11 because of me. I already had almost 230k before that c:

The easiest way to fix this is to just hand you some DP, and revert your LVL if you want.

You were a part of a lobby that got stuck increasing in rounds and therefore you obtained a large amount of XP. Before your level ticked from 99 I managed to remove the XP exceeding but the DP amount was irrecoverable; I had to remove it all. I suggest that you logout while in a public lobby for now until the issue is resolved.

I wont ask for DP. I just didnt know if it was Reversable or if my account could be somehow restored to an earlier date. THe level thing i dont mind either way. But if its not reversable (DP) Then it’s alright, ill work toward it again. Thanks for taking the time to respond guys ^^