DP for players that play survival and progress

In survival, earning DP is very hard, and as a result, PvE often is a place for people to grind bosses for DP.
So, instead of letting DP coming in expire, let survival players earn more DP for certain things, such as:

  • getting 400/500HP without buffs before the WoF/before salad boss
  • Dealing more than 1000 damage and toping in the top 5 (1st place gets a higher award)
  • Participating in boss fights in general
  • Just existing and not being AFK for more than 5 minutes (10DP / 30 minutes, 1 Dp for every 3 mins or something)
  • Getting a banner (like 3 DP, 2 DP if a water candle/battle potion is nearby/used, 1 if both are active)
  • Getting a rare banner (Nymph banner, Tim banner, Dr. Bones Banner, etc)
  • Suggest what else lol

i feel like people would just run statue farms to get insane amounts of dp, prolly not unless it scales by banner rarity


statues dont work on DG rn, if they work again, then all statue banners grant 0.00001 (or no) DP


I agree with the getting in tue leader board one, this would encourage people to stay for the full boss fight instead of just getting a few hits then leaving
A suggestion (and i dont know how possible this is) but if you got dp randomly from mining, like the rarer the ore the higher chance of getting a dp or something


another good dp source could possibly be from building at spawn, like 0.01 DP per block placed

then the builders could get dp without it being too farmable or broken


i wonder if DP is even a partial percent lol
forgot to send this a few days ago, so bumping the topic I guess