Doors in various Zombies maps disappearing


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Capture 2021-09-11 17_30_35

Have not been able to get much screenshots/videos of it, but it’s present in newly-made lobbies and you can see for yourself; Doors everywhere, in maps such as Hill House, Glass Castle, and many more, seem to disappear over time. I played in Hill House recently and last time I played one door was still present, but now it’s gone. I even saw a meme that was pointing out Glass Castle’s missing door and the words “Change da world. My final message. Goodbye.” alongside it. (Dark Gaming memes - #193 by Geolindrag)

This is a problem because doors seem to be a pretty important part of Zombies maps, it’s a mystery as to why they disappear randomly.


In the second screeenshot…I didnt even realise that doors exist in that map.

I first played in that map when the doors are non existent there. Made mostly everything bit harder.