Donations and my stuff.

So I was thinking of donating again, cause why not it’s an awesome server.
But I need some room in my inventory so I’m making this thread to signify me selling some stuff:

The color white [ready to go][R2]
The color black [taken] [R2]
The color cyan [taken] [R1]
The color light pink [taken] [R3]
The color Blue-Green [ready to go] [R4]


If you want any of these please Pm me or post on this thread!


Hey guys, MrSandwich wanted me to let you know that all of this stuff is free for the taking; he just doesn’t want it anymore.

I want cyan

I want the Light-pink :3

Ih ave sent the trade request to hiro and icy. Nice collection youve got there IcyWarrior xD

can I have blue-green please?

Ill buy green :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have it.

Can i buy or trade for the pink? I am DESPARATE for pink xD

But I want my other pink D;

Lol nvm. Damion traded me one

I’ll take the white

The donation has been made

Although I have made the donation I decided to donate less than before.
ALSO I have another black if anyone wants it!

I’ll take it if it’s ok with you

Gimme the Black

I want blue-green

I already have that

Can I have the black lol


lol do you want it?