Do you agree with this?

I’m making this thread because I am not sure on peoples view on this.

Alright so, I’m not sure you all know, but each name on the Terraria Server list on the forum is a link to a webpage wherein you can view their inventory. If you do not know what I’m talking about, go here and pick a person. This is publicly accessible by anyone, even a guest. My question is, do you agree it should be left public? Or should it be private and for staff only?

It doesn’t really make a difference if non-staff can see it does it? Whatever you think is best, but honestly it don’t make a difference either way

Yeah well someone thought in a issue a while back, so I thought I’d have this thread as backing for the decision.

I see no reason for it to be private.


I still see no reason for it to be private. Not much harm can be done with it.

uh no. Im talking about the in-game inventories. Look at the Terraria Server User list on the forum main page, click a persons name.

I think people should not be able to look into your Inv because players will copy other’s gear which will lead fights and such. BUT I think staff should be able to look into invs for many reasons. If someone had dev patch, and took off their armor before someone can take a screenshot, the staff can easily look into the player’s Inv to see if she/he has the dev armor. (Doesn’t mean they are guilty of using dev patch)

The Equip, Dye and Vanity slots are not available on that page. So unless by ‘gear’ you mean weapons?

I also think that only Staff Members should be allowed to see the online player’s inventories, just because of
the same reason of fights, “wanna-be”'s and such.

staff should but i see no reon why others cant

Maybe a option that makes your inventory private?

The software cannot tell the difference between a user, so it would block staff too, which would be a bad idea. Note that I’m not knocking your ideas because they’re necessarily bad, but because they have hardly any content or thought put into them. If there are issues, then you need to address them in your suggestion.

lmao only me and you (mayby some others) knew about this

I think it should stay the way it is. It is useful for those without a staff position creating reports. I see no reason why it shouldn’t be there

yeah I would go with Sandwich’s idea

yea it shows what they are E.G guest member and so on

Indeed. I see no problem with this feature remaining public. If, for instance, someone copied another person’s gear/vanity, there would be no reason to fight as it is only a game. If fight do break out, Im sure whatever staff/helper/crew that is online will be very quick to put an end to them. Im on the server almost everyday (or on IRC, keeping an eye on chat) and I have not once seen a fight about this feature. Many don’t even know it exists. If I see any fight in the chat, I’ll do what I can to put an end to it.