[Dismissed] Dev Armor

The member’s name was old man.

Using dev-armor without debuffs.

Consult answer for Q2.

I was refreshing my arrows from the shop when I noticed old man.

Just PvPing. I don’t know if he had Red’s Wings on.


Spooder-Man killed him a few times.

I’m not good with these kind of things. The link takes you to the screenshot though.

Seraph if you click on the image you “uploaded” it should open up to another of the same thing. The link should be like http://cloud-powered or somthing like that. Use that instead. Also don’t put spaces between the [ and the img alright??

What was the date you saw him on?
As I see, a player named “old man” just as you said has arrived on the 16th.

I saw him on the 19th.

So, I don’t know if he’s a member and probably the player isn’t.
If it will be cleared that he’s a member then create a new topic about him.