[Dismissed] Dev armor

[1] His name was Will

[2] Using dev armor (insta-ban)

[3] See above answer

[4] I was building a special pixel art for rufflez, when someone said “Will is using dev armor”

[5] Well he was merely wandering around spawn without much of a purpose


[7] Spooder, Helper and Damion. Also a bunch of members whom i cant recall their name.

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Is the player a member or a guest?
I have also found out that there are 2 players who called as Will…

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Once again I am unsure, he never said anything I just saw Him constantly wearing dev armor. He was on for a long time so I decided to report it.

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Well, I will have to lock it since we both don’t know if the ban will work,
try to get something out of him next time.

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