Discounter ability

Description: Reduces prices in chests, but constantly applies debuffs to player
What it does:
Price decrease: discount = 0.1*sqrt(level of ability)
(include that i count 1 as starting, 2 as achieved at r3, etc.)
With WW: Switches between columns of debuffs, that constantly apply on player:

Level of ability Column 1 Column 2
1 Chilled Weak
2 Slow Ichor
3 Slow Broken armor
4 Chilled + Slow Ichor, Broken armor
5 Chilled + Slow + Weak Broken armor, withered armor
6 Oozed Ichor, Broken armor, withered armor

I would make it randomly and only debuffs that cannot be blocked with anch shield/charm lasting for 5 seconds.


so you start with 10% or you start with 0,1%? i didn’t exactly understand how you mean the formula
if you mean 0,1% then my answer is noone would pick it, because discount is almost non-existant and the debuffs double dmg to you or halve your movespeed(and lower more at higher levels)


Maybe apply debuffs only when you buy stuff?


0.1=10%. And yes, obviously 10%

Maybe, i am psure this needs testing