Did dtp trade shut down?

i cant trade with MeowCX


Are you able to press accept again, and post a reply just after you do so I have a good time estimate of when you did it?


Still doesn’t work. I just like pressing “accept”, then its doing smth and bring me back to trading-list still with status “pending”


So at this time I sent Meow a trade (trade id:5181) and Meow has same problem as me


We spent 1500 dp in total, and i hope not for nothing

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I ran into this issue for a long time. I could only make trades myself for them to work, not accept them from others though. I’m not sure exactly how but it is fixed for me now.

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well, i still cant do trade, but trade that i requested is not relevant anymore (i used that loot boxes). But trade that Meow sent should be ok

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