Devils Rejects

Im running a clan on a diffrent server named Devils Rejects and id like to do the same here. i wont start recruiting untill the clan base is done

Clans story: A group of people so bad they were rejected by the devil himself doomed to walk eternity on earth as the undead. This well not be a religious clan although to keep up with the roleplay we may sacrifice a bunny or 2. The reason i want to do this clan is im a dark fan( skull and bones,zombies, blood and gore). I think the clan base theme well be flesh and bone tiles and walls with fire blocks and just any dark furniture.

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once the server opens with the new world ill get started on the clan base

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Hey please write the needed information. ( Click here for the format ) Just read Rofl’s comment. Also, sorry for saying false info.

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That is only for people who want to participate in the Beta. They must post on that thread as well.