[Denied] TheInfestr's App. #2

OK, first things first, I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I am a crew on the Terraria server, so if you look at the crew page and it says I’m not, go ask Rofle about it please, and second of all, I am allowed by Rofle to copy and paste my previous application. Also, I’m updating parts of it.

[Q1] What is your in-game name?
My main character’s in-game name or IGN is TheInfestr. I also have another player-versus-player character called Ultralisk which was deleted so I cant talk or /register {password} and /login {password} but can still play(My silent killer), I also have some medium-core characters called Drone and Hydralisk for those Capture the Gem events with Rofle and other friends. I also now have a guy named Kovac which is my messing around character.

[Q2] How often are you on the server? (Include timezones and exact times only; no generalizations)
I am often on between 3-8 PM on the weekdays. I usually like to stay after school with friends on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so that is why I may not be on some days and am instead playing Vain Glory with them (Vain Glory IGN is also TheInfestr). Also, if I’m not doing anything like Boy Scouts on the weekends, I will be on the server or playing Vain Glory.

[Q3] Why do you want to be a Helper?
I figure that being a helper would be nice to have a few extra commands and so that way, when everyone is saying stuff like shut up or cussing at some annoying person, at least someone there (me) will be able to /mute (annoying person) for a certain time (I would do it for 2 minutes).

[Q4] Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
Yes, most often when people ask question and I’m not away-from-game or away-from-keyboard, I answer them and even with people who come on with caps and ask for stuff I will go and give them those things or will tell them to watch caps and then I will answer them if they say sorry or OK.

[Q5] Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?
Yes, I know how to do most commands, know almost all of which commands do what, and know the links to all of the parts of this website that people ask about such as, “How do I register through steam?” or “What is this server’s website?”. More recent questions are “How do you have that fire ring around you?” and “How do you have 600 hp?”.

[Q6] Tell us about you?
I don’t actually know what to put here…ask me questions about myself in the server and I will answer as much as possible but I usually need more straight forward questions. Sorry if this is not what you wanted for this part. :confused:

This is for helper for my TheInfestr account which contains TheInfestr, TheInfestr(I have two), and Kovac.
-Thanks for any feedback whether it is positive or negative.
-Thank you if denied.
-Thank you if accepted.
-Real name is Luke.
-I am crew.
-Frost Hydra too op.

You may want to add a bunch to Q5, Q6, and maybe a bit to the others (appart from Q1) also, please bold your questions useing [‘b] texthere [’/b] (without the ’ ) otherwise, good luck in joining the staff team!

You can only have one account.

One DTP account you mean fierce? Because you can have multiple profiles (character saves).

Oh and also +1 Good luck!

I know. But by the way he’s stating it, it makes it seems like he has more than one account.

As Alpha said, he only has one in DTP account. Forum accounts and in game accounts are fine. It’s the DTP accounts that matter

+1 You seem like you would be an awesome helper, from the way you act IG to your application here.

[quote=MrSandwich]As Alpha said, he only has one in DTP account. Forum accounts and in game accounts are fine. It’s the DTP accounts that matter[/quote]You can only have one account on anything we provide. It is in the forum rules, and the Terraria Server Rules. I think Alpha is referring to using different characters.

Who knew that one account, four characters, could bring up a heated conversation?

It doesn’t seem heated to me. If you meant 4 characters then there is no problem. The way you typed it made it seems like you had multiple accounts. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Hey, as long as your good then I’m good.

+1 good app XD

Well infstr you have has always been helpful on the server (when your not PvPing) i know you have went through two apps now, but i have a feeling this might just be the key for your success of being Pre-staff Also, [Q6] Is kinda of short anyways good luck on your app i wish you the best :wink:

Well, as I said, ask me stuff in-game and I’ll answer it so ask stuff relating to [Q6] and I’ll answer.

‘Addition’ So, I was to be tested on the 11th, but since Sammich’s demotion, when will I be tested, if ever?

I’m not going to do it exactly how the other Managers have done so before.

Test 1: Pass
Test 2: Fail
Test 3: Fail
Outcome: Fail; other people were helping instead of you. You are suppose to be in competition with other people for helping. If you let them do the work, you are not Helper material.

You will be given two further tests. You must pass these tests otherwise the Outcome stays the same.

Test 4: Fail
Test 5: unnecessary

Final Outcome: Fail; You need to help these people like they are your friend joining for the first time. ‘Handle with Care’. It seemed as though little effort is put into actually trying to guide the player through a process, whereas it should be almost like the goal is to make a friend in the end. After all, if these people are getting generic answers, they will feel as though they are not welcome.