[Denied] ~Sync~ Vorce ban appeal :D

[Q1] The link http://dark-gaming.com/ban/3792 to my ban.

[Q2] Yes I break the rules knowing it was banable (It was the tarrget dummy+ slime mount glitch) . I also was being lazy and did not read the rules.

[Q3] I do think my ban was fair beacuse I understand what i did but I also don’t think it was fair beacuse like we where doing the glitch and 5 other people where doing it with me and im the only one that got banned. Also i still dont know if i got banned for the verry little grief I did. (I placed blocks OUTSIDE of this house so he could easealy destroy them.)

[Q4] I think you should unban me beacuse I am really sorry for what i did and I will never do it again. And I would also like to go on the server and apoligize to the guy, I also really liked your server and iv’e never done anything like that and i don’t know what made me think that doing that would be ok at all and I promise to never do anything like it again.

-Yours sincerely ~Sync~ Vorce

[Note] I got my inventory wiped a little bit after I did it then I got banned well I dont really know when i got banned it could of even been the next day beacuse I tryed to log on and i was banned :frowning:

You got banned because of the culmination of all that was listed in the ban reason, not for any individual thing.

Let’s break it down:

Iframes Exploit

~Sync~ Vorce - Monday at 10:38 AM (GMT+1)
the mods arent gona ban us
do you think they exepct to kill them legit".


You added blocks directly attached to his structure, your essentially modifying his build. Not only that, but it seems you did it with particular malicious intent by what you wrote using the blocks. Why?

And by what you wrote in chat, you have a disregard for Staff, and for other people. That’s not the kind of behaviour to have when you are on a server where there are other people.

Ok 1st thing we where killing the dungeon gardian do you think we can really kill them legit like there really hard in normal and in expert its 2x harder… 2nd litterly one block touched his strutre and it was the roof maybe 2 I only saw one though (correct me if im wrong) 3rd i honesly thought cussing was aloud i would unstand if it was like a death treat or something but it wasnt.

It’s supposed to be hard. And whether it is or not is no reason to cheat. Something being hard doesn’t mean that you are allowed to cheat. You said “the mods arent gona ban us” but you said you broke the rules knowing it was bannable, so what does that mean? If you knew it was against the rules but thought that the mods wouldn’t ban you, what is that implying?

All it takes is one block to touch and it is attached. That’s not even half the problem. You didn’t explain what you were doing with those actions either.

Profanity isn’t the problem, it was the context you used it in and your overall behaviour.

I don’t understand I thought you wouldn’t ban me because 5 other people where doing it with me. Also I don’t understand what the problem is the the main problem was it the glitch or the building or chat?

All of them, that’s why you got banned.

You’ve yet to explain what you were trying to do building on that other persons house.

lol everyone uses slime mount glitch u should be online at survival