[Denied] Please unban me (Zoro)

Welp, ive been banned… And I ended up editing the original post to re-appeal that I realized no one will ever look at, and the original post is gone, so yeah.

You was a jerk yesterday.You built the penis statue and put something about naked dryad paint.
Don’t lie.

All the griefers have banned and we got some computer experts so we will score the deal with ysn,
You are being counted among the griefers party, but you say you have warned them, so, where are those so called warnings as you also were taking part?
I don’t wait for ban appeals, and I have tons of evidences but I dont feel like I want to upload them.
Any false building or spawn destruction will lead to a ban, wether you like it or not.
About the pe*** statue,Mai, any pictures of this?

If you want me to provide evidence on my warning ysn not to grief, I have none. I doubt too many people will recall them either, everything was rather chaotic. I guess youll just have to take my word on that, however worthless as it may be at this stage.

I was not the one building the penis statues. I added a fireworks box into one of them but thats about it. But I didnt build a penis statue. Believe me, Im a TERRIBLE builder. That was Tomgass (dont know his full name) who build one of them, and even that was in the sandbox. I have screenshots of the penis statue that I could upload, but I didn’t build it, although, not gonna lie, you could say I was associated with it in that I gave Tomgass some tips and pointers with it when it came to clentamination of ice. And as for the Dryadisque painting Mai, its an ingame item in a 13+ game, if it was actually pornographic they wouldn’t have included it. In fact, I did a terrible pixel art of it once and some staff members saw it and they didn’t mind whatsoever.

As for calling me a griefer, I understand why you would call me that, but once again, the things i did were specifically designed to have an easy clean up, unlike just destroying everything in sight. I guess now Im not saying that Im not guilty, I am just saying I do not believe that the punishment fits the offence.

For some of the screenshots you could refer to my Steam profile, my name on steam is Yamik, or I could upload them to a image sharing website and share the links. Just give the word, although I do not have much.

Also Mai, I apologize if I came off as a jerk yesterday. I do my best to not to be a douche but I guess I had a slip up moment. Either that or you mixed me up for someone else, but it may most likely be the former…

Sorry Pun, I don’t have because I done the pics. with pyromantic.
I just saw what and how.

Bkalinin, if someone on your account griefs then it is held against the account, not an individual. If your friend “ysn” griefed/built inappropriate pixel art on your account, we ban the account, not the person.

The person who owns the account also owns the bans on it, as I never make the same mistakes twice.
“you could say I was associated with it in that I gave Tomgass some tips and pointers with it”, there we go, you
are just the same as Tomgass who also is being taken care of, as it is your fault too.
Calling up a staff vote (Everyone who were on while I was fixing the place will understand the reason).
Renald, PM your selection in the site or on Steam,
Mai, same about you as you were also seen it on live action.

He just did jokes about server, he helped others to put on walls naked dryad and he is the single player who saw this “penis statue”, about “look a penis statue”.I found it but know he built it.

You don’t really understand what your fault is.
You admitted you helped to the builder of the statue, but didn’t admit that you are also responsible for it.
You were harassing a member of the community and was taking part on the grief party that happened yesterday.
Blaming others doesn’t makes you right and not guilty.
Topic is locked, as you won’t be un-banned and this topic is now marked as denied.