[Denied] Please unban me, I am RazorBlade (Terra)

Q1: my URL is dark-gaming.com/ban/551
Q2: NO, I was not warned before I was banned (it came out of the blue)
Q3: My ban is COMPLETELY unfair, I had zero blocks on me at the time. My “If Not” statement is that ThePunisher banned a suspicious player, assuming that it was me.
Q4: Banning me is completely ruining every single source of fun in my life. I was leveling up, getting DP, buying things from the shop, selling things I didn’t want, and then in the mere 9 hours I was off, ThePunisher bans me for “placing blocks around the boss spawn area” and for 1. I would never do that, I was way more focused on killing the bosses and farming DP than griefing the server and placing random blocks everywhere, and for 2. I worked really hard to get Crew. I had just gotten level 31, and gotten ideas for a new look for myself. It was called “The Destroyer’s Henchman” created by someone featured on one of meetyourdemize’s youtube videos. To close, why would you ban me? My life is falling apart at the seams irl atm. Just why…