[Denied] new helper app

[Q1] What is your in-game name? My in game name is legend master

[Q2] How often are you on the server? When I can, I’m on the server some hours on weekends because of school and im online for a little if i finish my work from school so I will be on if i can. I know that’s not enough, but hey I would probably be on more if I could.

[Q3] Why do you want to be a Helper? I would love to be a helper, because it would be easier to help people out, without them saying, “You’re just a crew member you don’t know anything about this server!” Also I would be a great staff for many other reasons like, I’m the oldest of my family so I have to watch my brother and sister and almost everyone trusts me I help a lot of people and im ready to help more people.

[Q4] Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things? Of course! If I were helping another player I will tell the other person ‘‘one minute please’’ and help the first player then the second player.

[Q5] Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you? Yes, like I said before I know what a crew member wanted to know and what there problems were. So I will be prepared for the toughest questions.

[Q6] Tell us about you? My name is Andre I am 11, I am from Lorton, Virginia I like doing archery, playing basket ball and hanging with my friends.

If you can answer my question; you will get my bump because I haven’t seen you before.

How does one become a member?

by registering you get member for verifying you get crew

I see you on a bit. You help some, and good app. +1

Much better app than before +1

i seen you around and you were helpful so +1! 3+1s now. doing good :slight_smile:

Seen you :slight_smile: you deserve to be a helper. :slight_smile: have a good day

The title of the thread is not capitalized, there are a few spelling mistakes, and you don’t have enough detail. You say that you’d be “a great staff member for other reasons too long to explain”. Isn’t this the one place you should be explaining it? Saying you’d be a great staff member but not telling us why doesn’t mean anything.

Tvolk has a point. It’s a -1 from me now

Quiet short, many grammar mistakes. I have never seen you on the server. I completely agree with Tvolk. -1 :frowning:

I don’t see grammar mistakes.


I actually don’t see grammar mistakes, excuse me if i’m wrong.

Some grammar mistakes:


I admit I should have said a few. Keep in mind that the examples I just put up have been corrected.

Oh okay.

Yes, minor things, but obvious signs of apathy towards becoming a staff member.

Forwarded to testing phase

I help as much as possible and I want to speak with an admin or someone pls

testing phase?

This application has been denied due to inactivity (based on the site).