[Denied] My Moderator Application

You must:

  • Have some experience as a staff member :heavy_check_mark:
  • Know basic tShock commands :heavy_check_mark:
  • Be mature :heavy_check_mark:
  • Have an equal opinion as to look at both sides of something :heavy_check_mark:
  • Have a Verified In-game account :heavy_check_mark:
  • Already have the Helper Staff Rank :heavy_check_mark:
  • Have attended 3 Training Sessions (I haven’t done any training session, but I did check the commands with Tip. Thank you btw:) )

[Q1]: My whole name is Ville Olavi Koponen

[Q2]: My IGN is DavianMAX but everybody calls me Davian or Dav

[Q3]: Why you want to be a Moderator
I want to become a Moderator because I want to raise up into a higher rank, so I’m able to do more good for the server. We all have that one thing that makes us happy, and to me that one thing have always been helping, assisting people in different kind of games and in real life aswell. I have been enjoying my time as a Helper, and everytime I helped someone, I became happier. It’s hard to describe it, but I just love helping people, that’s who I am, and that’s the thing that makes me happy. I don’t want that anyone of you think that I’m only here to complain about my personal life, but the truth is that my life isn’t so great. So chillin’ with my friends in Terraria and helping people made me feel better.
My dream have always been to be in charge of something big, like owning a bar or a restaurant or perhaps an own server in some game. The point that I’m trying to say is that I’ve always wanted to be responsible of something big, something meaningful. Becoming a second-level staff member is one step closer to my dreams, and it would surely mean alot to me. I understand that being a Moderator will not be a pleasent walk in a park all the time, I know that there will be times where the staff members will be busy, and when you have finished one thing, there is immediately another thing to solve. I am ready to switch on my Try-Hard mode, and be as helpful as I possibly can.

[Q4]: Why I should accept you
I should be accepted because as a Moderator I’m able to help alot more, than I’ve been before. I would say that I’ve been playing on the server for few hundred hours now, and I have been in situations where I simply wasn’t able to do anything to help the players who needed the help. If there is hackers, griefers or spammers in the server, and no second-level staff members online, only thing I am able to do is to report the players and it might take several hours, if not days before the problem is dealt with. So as a Moderator, I would be able to help players who need help with fixing up their destroyed house, or maybe muting a spamming player, or there is a player hacking and I need to throw him out, or perhaps someone is new to Terraria and needs a simple guidance. All this really means alot to me, and I belive I am able to make the server a better place. I have always been friendly and calm person, I don’t even explode to people that are really at my nerves. There are better ways to solve fights and arguments, than just raging around to each other continuosly, and I will do my best to stop these fights and give the server a friendlier atmosphere. I will deal with all the problems I will face with care and accuracy. I am a mature person, and I respect everyone on the server, I liked him/her or not. I’m able to handle all the fights and arguments with equality, and I never pick sides in almost anything. That’s why it’s entertaining for me to watch different kind of sports, because whoever wins I’ll be happy at the end :slight_smile:

[Q5]: Make up 2 scenarios, include the chat and any commands you would use

Scenario 1

Hahahaha! Yeah go cry to your mommy kid.
No please, just leave me alone!
You’re so pathetic, no one cares about you.
What’s going on over here?
You are a failure of life! Why won’t you just go jump off a bridge?
DavianMAX please help me. MrCookiezZ won’t leave me alone, and he’s being really hurtful.
Oh cry some more will you? No one gives a sht about your opinions!
MrCookiezZ do not be offensive against other players.
If he wants that you leave him alone, then you’ll leave him alone.
Yeah, I just want to play. Why can’t you just leave me be?
MrCookiezZ, I am warning you. You are violating the server’s rules.
Both using caps and being menacing against others is highly forbidden.
Stay out of this Davian, this is between me and Vegetablecake.
No. My job is to make sure that everything goes by the ropes, and right now you are on the wrong path.
You leave Vegetablecake alone, or I have to do something about it.
Oh yeah, well F
ck you!
This is your last warning, if you don’t stop this right now I’m going to have to mute you.
HAHAHAHAA! Face it Davian, you can’t do sht!
/mute MrCookiezZ ‘‘Violating chat rules’’
Thank you DavianMAX. He was really giving me a hard time.
MrCookiezZ Left
Now do you have any idea why he was so harsh on you?
Did you say anything to him that might have triggered his bad behavior?
No, I did absolutely nothing to him. I was just exploring the world and then I ran into him and he just exploded.
MrCookiezZ Joined
Oh no…
/ban add MrCookiezZ ‘‘Being rude against other players’’
MrCookiezZ Left
Oh thank you DavianMAX! I thought that it would never be over.
<Pancakes’N’Cheeze> Where did my friend go? We were supposed to play together.
I apoligize Pancakes’N’Cheeze but your friend’s behavior was intolerable, so I had to ban him.
<Pancakes’N’Cheeze> Pleeeease can you unban him? I’m sure he didn’t mean to cause any trouble.
You can tell your friend to go to the server’s website, Dark-gaming.com.
If he makes a ban appeal there, it’s possible that he will get unbanned.
<Pancakes’N’Cheeze> Ok, I’ll go do that.

His friend MrCookiezZ made a ban appeal, and he swore that he would never use that kind of language against anyone anymore. He got unbanned and the two friends shall play together again!

Scenario 2

Huh, Finally! It toke ages to finish this master piece!
I hope that nothing bad happens to it.

In the blink of an eye, his master piece was no more…

What!? No! It’s gone! But how… who… when…
What seems to be the problem here?
Something just destroyed my amaizing Pixel Art! It just blew up!
Well ain’t that odd… Hang on.
It seems that this was destroyed by another player called ‘‘Dreamcrusher’’
No, that’s impossible! It happened so fast, I didn’t see a thing!
Perhaps the griefer was a… Hacker!
The plot thickens!
Well, let me clean up this mess.
/rollback Dreamcrusher 1h 70
Oh thanks! I was scared that I would have to rebuild this again.
Wait a second, there is a way for me to test if he actually is hacking.
Do your magic DavianMAX!
/killr Dreamcrusher

Nothing happens

Well, it sure seems that he is hacking. I think it’s time for us to say goodbye to him.
/ban add Dreamcrusher ‘‘hacking & griefing’’
Dreamcrusher Left

[Q6]: What will you do to ensure you stay as a Moderator
I will do my best to ensure you that I stay as a Moderator, and I will put everything I can to deal with the challenges I’m about to face. I would never abuse any of my commands, or ruin a game for the others. I’ve played in numorous servers, and I have to be 100% honest here, none of them have had as good community as in here. The staff here is just mind blowing compared to the ones I’ve seen. I’ve gotten alot of great friends from here and I would never leave this place. Never. I will say this right here, right now: You guys will never get rid of me (evil)

[Q7]: How often can you be on the server and active to help people
There is no spesific or certain amount of time I’ll be on the server. There might be days where I can’t get online and there might be days where I’ll be on for over 10 hours. But I belive it’s safe to say I will be online daily, atleast 1-3 hours per day. All the time I use on the server will be put to helping others. If someone needs help, I’ll be there to rescue the day!

Thank you all who came here to check my Moderator application, it really means alot to me. Feel free to share you thoughts and leave any kind of feedback. Thanks :slight_smile:


[b]+1[/b] DavianMAX deserves this, He is a good Helper and a good friend and I believe he will make a good Mod. [b]+1[/b] Gl :slight_smile:


Nice application, and you deserve this. One thing though. When banning/muting/kicking someone with a reason, you have to have quotes in the beginning and end of the reasons like this: /ban addip bill “grief 40”. Also, mute at the second warning, and third warning kick. Then 4th, you know what to do. You will do great, I give you the +1.


Thanks for the feedback :smiley: I’ll put those quotes right away, and I’ll try to remember that in the future.
I think that I might be too kind for them, so I automaticly try to give them that extra change before muting/kicking/banning them.


The training sessions are to be completed before this application can be accepted; however that doesn’t mean it’s not valid nor should you have posted it. If the application is fine, has enough positive responses, has a good mark, then the training sessions can begin and you can become Moderator thereafter.

~ Just a heads up


Also, it is not about being mean or anything, it is about keeping the chat spam free, and making sure nothing bad is going on. So that means you have to get rid of a threat that you know will continue right away.


You are a good helper but I don see you much on the server maybe its our timezones.Pretty good application so you still earn my +1.


Thanks for the support :slight_smile: If possible, I’ll try to be on more. Nice picture btw, it’s nice to see that I’m not the only RotMG fan :smiley:


Wow, Great application alert! +1


just wow good luck DavianMAX you were a great helper I hope you get mod +1 for me


I think I’ll deny this. It doesn’t look like you’ve been active at all.


wat about me pop


Yeah I haven’t been very active lately, I have to admit. Perhaps this isn’t the best possible timing for me to make a moderator application. You can deny this by all means, maybe I’ll try again later when the time is better :P.