[Denied] Moderator Application

+1, This has obviously been well thought out, and I believe Swaggy deserves this because of his hard work and dedication. Good job man, best of luck to you.

Thank you chaos :slight_smile:

Make an application every two weeks not two days (Requirement) i will +1 this when the two weeks is up for now this applications will be well… :stuck_out_tongue:

wait what?

this is my only mod application

No I mean between the application of a helper and a mod

oooh ok thanks for clearing it up
I guess like a few more days isnt so bad; how many more is it like 5?

It depends on when you applied if you applied two days ago its 12 days
Now lets not spam this thread any longer.

That is true, geez I figured he was on longer than that. Wait another week or so?

Yeah it’s only like 7 days. I made the helper app on the 25th

so an admin could start grading and by the time it’s ready he could have graded it

Either way good luck it would be nice to have some more mods on the server just try not to rush the ranks.

Aye. Honestly I really do want to be a mod and tbh I usually am very impatient XD. I can wait if it’s neccessary though.

wernt you just accepted as a helper a day ago -1 way to soon skiping to the next rank kinda shows you just want more power to me please wait awhile more o3o

You can, it’s called the “Report a Player” section.

I’m taking this down for now