[Denied] Mod App [again]

Ello m8s its me again. :smiley:

Q1)- My name is John Baldwin and my nickname is Jasper.

Q2)- My In game name is Swaggy with a nick of Swagalicious

Q3)- First of all I love the Dark-Gaming Community and am really good friends with other staff on the community like Chaos, Warsong, and kind of Box and Rofl XD. I like being helper, but sometimes I’m the only staff on the server. Being the only staff on is not easily manageable when you are limited to notifying other staff members to do mutings, bannings, and various other punishments that are needed. I sit helpless (for the time being) while a spammer fills the chat with caps and profanity. After I have blatantly warned him of our rules and any necessary punishments he continues to yell blatantly inappropriate statements into a chat filled with young and clean minds. . Eventually the spam buffer shuts him up but I wish I could have stopped him sooner. That is why I want to be a moderator.I want to enforce the rules and deal out punishments fairly and not with which the likes of someone who enjoys to see the melancholy of others.

Q4)- I believe that I am fair in thought and judgement. I will neglect any personal bias when it comes to punishments and rules. I know what it means to make an honest mistake and will acknowledge any sincerity and honesty in my decision. I will follow the rules and uphold them as anyone else would. A major staff position is not an excuse to ignore the needs of the common player. I will only deal with what I am needed for; this includes the roles of a helper if there are none on.

Q5) Scenario 1- Spamming/ Major profanity:
Sample Text: !!!
Swaggy: Sample Text, please do not spam, this is a warning and I will mute you if these sort of actions continue
Sample Text: F*** off I don’t give a d*** about your rules
Swaggy:/mute sample text
Scenario 2- Greifing:
Sample Text: I found a greif!
Swaggy:/tp Sample Text
Swaggy:/history clicks on affected block
Swaggy:/rollback Sample Text2 1d0h0m0s 15
Swaggy:/ban Sample Text2

Q6)- I will maintain my moderator role by attending the server regularly, attending to greifs and going on greif patrols, watching chat, assisting helpers in their roles, and by answering various questions put to me by other staff.

Q7)- I can be on the server from around 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST on weekdays and on weekends I can be on anytime around morning, afternoon, and night time.

PS- I have held a moderator position before on a moderately large minecraft server and I have held multiple helper-like positions on other various minecraft servers. I also know a good bit of tshock commands thanks to chaos :smiley:

Thank you for your time and thought. I do understand that it is rushed and I am honestly sorry about it. Truthfully I cannot stress how much this is out of enjoyment of the commnuity and not out of my own personal favor. I do not want to appear power hungry; I just want to assist with the community and the server.

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Like last time your way to new as a helper and rushing it does seem like you just want more power
Have you even been a helper for a full week?
it is a great app but still -1


Um yeah sure you really seem loyal… denied.