[Denied] Mann Appeal

  1. dark-gaming.com/ban/437
  2. No
  3. No because i didn’t get a warning or anything
  4. Because im trying to stop people that are new from using the red potion (Not healing potion) from killing them. I fell like Zz is saying “good job for keeping people from dieing” (Pre edit) i just been informed that a griefed but ill pay you in special ores im not bribing im just pay for the damedge

And how is griefing assossiated to Red potion?
there was abit of more grief of around 8 blocks, the pictures will be uploaded soon.

(My castle)
The rest of the griefs contained about 4-7 blocks each on different spots.
Read over the rules and say that you went through them before I will take any action.

ill pay 500 platinum to fix ok

items don’t have any real value in this server, since anyone with member rank or higher can just spawn them in with
/i [item name] [number] [modifier]. (e.g.: /i terra blade 1 unreal). You could just as well have offered 3996 platinum coins. (Easter egg #2)

Nice try alec, don’t forget that I’m not stupid and I know stuff on the server.
'nuff said, calling a staff vote (at least the remaining ones).

The vote has been ended,
just read over the rules and say if you fully understand them and
promise you won’t do that again
and then you will be un-banned.

i promise not to grief ever again (FYI i used to raiding servers sorry)

i promise not to grief ever again (FYI i used to raiding servers sorry)

So, any reason why should I accept your appeal and un-ban you?

Denied, Alec isn’t responding. If you will feel like you even want to respond to your own appeal
make a new one.