[Denied] KissMyAJs' Helper Aplication

[Q1] - What is your in-game username
KissMyAJs, sometimes I go by Vixen, AJIsBae, Kiss, but I usually go by the name Aj.

[Q2] - How often are you on the server
Everyday I’m on 4 to 6:30 for sure, sometimes I play from 3:45 till 8:00, and on weekends i’m on from 8:00 Am till 8:00 Pm. I am currently living in the mountains so i’m using mountain time zone. I have school from 8:00 am till 3:15 pm so whenever i get spare time play terraria, and when i’m doing my homework i’m watching dark gaming’s chats.

[Q3] - Why do you want to be a Helper?
I like helping players with things, and I especially want to set boundaries for other players so everyone can have a good time on DG.
I would like to help others find items because from what I seen they can get very frustrated when they do not find things.
I want to become a helper to make things more smooth around DG and to Share The Love. I also have had experience (I was an admin) on servers from Minecraft (Hillcraft and Cuboss)

[Q4] - Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
I am only in middle school so I don’t have a lot of things to do .I am sure I can take time out of my schedule to help others. I will make this my main priority except in personal crisis.

[Q5] - Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?
Yes I have enough knowledge about this server to help out. Because I have asked a lot of questions from the helpers DG already has. I have also wrote things down to be quick and answer a question. Specific things I wrote is where all items are, how to become crew, and link to DG websites.

[Q6] - Tell us about you?
I live in Colorado U.S.A and i just recently moved to CO. from Texas a couple months back. I am a 14 year old, girl who loves terraria and Dark Gaming. I live in a farm and i occasionally go to my dad’s beach house in Texas. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers and they can be the most nerve racking people I know yet I still love them. I have 4 cats and 1 dog and a couple of fish :D. I love the color blue because is reminds me of my Grandfather and when I walked with him on the beach.
My favorite holiday is Thanks Giving because I get to go to a city in Texas called College Station which is where my favorite college team is Texas A&M. I get pretty well grades in school but I find math very frustrating yet i manage to keep it at a B+. I like rap and pop but i find dubstep or techno music very bloody annoying.
This is my first year of playing terraria (1/14/17 to those who are reading this later on) and Dark Gaming was my first server. I was very fed up with PvP but i began to realize it was more fair this way. My favorite BasketBall team is the Houston Spurs, the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite football team, which are both located in Texas, and finally the San Francisco Giants is my favorite baseball team (I know right random.) When I get frustrated I normally go for a bike ride to clear my head.

I saw her helping so many new users in the past weeks and i think she deserves being part of the staff. she gets my +1 and good luck

Well, you’re fairly new, but recently you’ve helped a lot of people. I see potential. +1 and good luck!

Thanks Unikram and Haise :smiley:

I don’t know AJ. Most of the time when I see you you’re pretty immature, and I don’t see you helping around too much. Also I’d suggest getting a bit more familiar with the community, it’d really help out. After I see more of you, I’ll decide whether or not to give you my +1

Ok, maybe we can hang what time are you on? Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

Raz we were both immature af when we applied so don’t go talkin’ on others’ apps like that.

AJ, my timezone is British Summer Time. Maybe 5:00 PM sometime? And Uni, I never said I wasn’t immature, I’m just letting him know what not to do as a Helper.

+1 I see that you are fit for this job, you help people most of the time and you seem like a nice person in general. Good luck!

<3 thanks so much Raz

Nvm ima remove my +1



Well, Aj, you are friendly, helpful, sometimes a lil’ immature, eh… nothing big. I see you trustworthy, but as Raz said, you should get a bit more familiar with deeper stuff of DG.
I’ll give you my +1, AJ! Good luck!

Thanks DG :smiley:

One more +1 i’m so excited!

These comments are so weird, it says i commented my last yesterday.

Well sorry for not seeing this sooner but, you DO help out a lot, especially new players. You’ve even donated some DP to a member in need. Here, have my +1

EDIT: This thread is now invalid. Please apply looks at popstarfreas Please wait for the “Badge system” to be implemented in… Never !

It’s dangerous to go with only the required amount of ones…


(You got GenoLover’s +1! Now you’re another step closer to becoming a helper! :D)

[I’m a Zelda nerd. fite meh]

Thanks so much GenoLover :stuck_out_tongue: and next time your on pvp i’ll fight you :3

Rofle you can drop in any month now… LOL