[Denied] Interested in being a "Helper"

[Q1] XxSlayerxX
[Q2] Almost everyday
[Q3] Help the common good, support this server
[Q4] Always
[Q5] Yes
[Q6] I’m very helpful, and respectful. I have many friends in real life and on the server like Nemesis ( Pickles ), Legoman, Cheeseman, and many more!

(Thanks Dragonslayer for the layout. I just thought doing a nice big organized paragraph was a lot better than this boring list)

It would be best to follow the format. For example, like this one : https://dark-gaming.com/thread/accepted-app-for-helper-2-26-14.197.

And yes I know you answered the questions, but its not clear.

ya the best way to do that is this [Q1] blah,blah,blah. cept don’t put in blah blah blah!
[Q2] blah,blah,blah.

I’m sorry, I thought it would be more “creative” if I made it into a paragraph and not a list…

ok but it’s best to make a “list”

Should I create another one? or should I test my luck…


make another 1

another thread or on this…?


You need longer answers on some of the questions.

Ug ill just chancel the apply!!

If you’re not that dedicated then go ahead.

I am dedicated, but I don’t want to go through all this trouble on just applying. Lol I wrote a organized paragraph, I changed it to a list because you guys wanted to, and I am NOT changing it again

Then your application is worthless because it provides no proof you have the ability to write one.

These takes minutes and you’re fussing over it still.

agreed.u can’t become helper without a little work.

This is obviously a spoofed app and he needs time to work on it. They gave advice and you obviously ignored it as much as possible.
I think I’ll lock this for now until you decide to take this more seriously.