[Denied] helper application

if i can become helper i will help admin and just random people i wont kick people for a random reason i will kick them if they disobay the rules or if they swear to much or things like that i hope u accept

helpers cant kick

plus that’s not an application for helper

This is sad, and I think nitro you griefed a house near my chateau…

if he did grief send in a report with evidence

I don’t know how to respond to this application…

ikr and he just griefed again per ban

ikr and he just griefed again per ban

ops 2 typed my bad

This submission also does not follow the correct format and so, if it is not fixed soon, will be denied. Also remember I told you on the server that you need to have played a certain amount of time on the server as crew before applying. Follow the format that Popstarfreas has set here, as if it is denied you wont be able to post another application for a couple of weeks.

Well, he has had enough time to respond to this. And he hasn’t. All of the information is wrong and he has applied even before waiting one week. I am closing this.