[Denied] Helper Application

I’m just a straight forward guy so I’m not gonna be answering long. XD OwO C:

Q.1 What is your in-game name? (Include time zones and exact times only; no generalizations)

A.1 My in game name is can be Prisim Bolt or Prism Bolt which actually originated from a fan art I found. C:

Q.2 How often are you on the server?

A.2 I am often in the server during 3:30 till 8:00 in UTC-6:00. C:

Q.3 Why do you want to be a helper?

A.3 I want to be a helper because some people like new comers need instructions, and guidance and I want to help them. They need to be thought how thinks work and which is allowed and which is not. C:

Q.4 Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?

A.4 I plan on answering every question they give me, but I don’t plan answering unnecessary or out of the subject things. I think of this because the job of being a helper is a job of answering questions about the server, not about Star Wars. C:

Q.5 Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?

A.5 I do think that I can answer most of the questions they give me because ever since I played on the Dark-Gaming server during the beginning of Thanks Giving, I’ve been studying about the ways of the server. I also think so because i want everybody who asks questions be satisfied. C:

Q.6 Tell us about you.

A.6 I am a 12 years old Filipino, and I moved from my country to America 2 years ago. I also know two languages and that’s Tagalog and English. Due to the moving issues I was barely able to make friends. But ever since my mom gave me a laptop and allowed me to purchase Terraria, I was able to make a lot of Friends. I am now currently settled and might move again during the summer. I have 3 older siblings, two sisters and one brother. I also currently live in Mississippi with my sister and mom due to my mom’s work. I have a dog named Magic which we named her because when me and my sister came from school a golden labrador puppy appeared out of nowhere and it was like magic. We soon realized that our mom bought her for us ad we were soo happy that the following day we stayed at home. My favorite cousin that live in Ottawa, Canada. I’m not really a sports or outdoor activity fan, cause it doesn’t suit me. I’m that type of guy who is just right, not too tall not to short, im just average. I hope this gives enough info. Thanks for your time and please do leave a + C: OwO XD <3

Add some more in Q.4 and 5
This app very clear and easy to read.
You got your first +

thanks C:

I’ve never seen you in-game, when did you join?

I joined since the begging of thanks giving and became known by al lot of people during the middle of December.

Nice application, I see you a lot on the server and Uni of course you don’t see Bolt on, BECAUSE YOU BARELY GET ON! Btw, should add more to Question 6, then I’ll give you a +. points to Vic’s application <333

ill do as you say C:

ok Christ that is a much bigger app.
I think you’d be eligible. Why not, if you do good for the next few weeks you’d be a good helper. +1

C: thanks Unikram! all I need is Victor to add his from his promise. C: then ill have a chance

Woah…You added a ton there. Leik the puppy <3 +1 de ma part!

Thanks a ton Vic!