[Denied] Helper Application

My in game name is CoolGuy101.
Q2.I am on the server about every other day.
Q3.I want to be a helper because i believe that i will be able to help with problems on the server.
Q4. I will prioritize helping others over helping myself.
Q5 I think i have sufficient knowledge to answer many question’s.
Q6. I am ten and i know a lot about terraria especially PC content.

very short :I

Very short and some grammar mistakes. I don’t really see you helping around so I’m not +1ing this or -1ing this.


Sorry, but I agree. This is too short, and there are no signs that this was proofread even once.

ok sorry about that ill try harder next time

Art thou not good enough for thy king to be entertained. Off with thy head!

-1 Must be crew I’ve seen you ingame and you are a member.