[Denied] Helper Application

My in-game name is NinjaPup.

I am always on the server from 3:00-6:00pm est and sometimes later (weekdays) and on weekends I go on from usually the start of 7:00 am est and stay on
for a long time unless I’m bored.

I want to be a helper because in other games I play i feel good when I feel good when i tell people when they are in need of help because in a game i played it’s called counter strike global offensive I gave out items worth to 30 dollars to help them with there trading so now I quit that game and started to play terraria with my friend Dubzy and he also plays on this server and well he taught me how to do almost everything in this game like crafting and stuff, also I like to help new players who first join the game, and don’t know or understand what to do in this game/server.

I will always stop what I’m doing if I’m pvping to fighting,building,or farming mobs or bosses beacuse it wouldn’t matter if I’m fighting enemies helping others is what matters to me and if they are confused or not sastified I wouldn’t be sastified with myself because well it feels good when people are helped they feel good about themselves and I feel good in myself to help others.

I can help anybody with anything in this game or if it’s a command or if it’s a buff or how to register on this server and if they did not catch the name of this server I will tell them what this server is called and help them step by step to succeed with logging in to this website.

Well I am a Terraria diehard because on my hours on steam right now is 249 hours and most of my time is on ultimate world and wiki because me and my friend Dubzy have made 4 legit accounts and played together and built really awesome buildings, and we have made a account for ranger,Warrior,Mage, and Summoner and we have completed each playthrough in 5 days or none less then a week. I actually am good at making friends in games but in real life I’m a bit shy because it’s in person and it’s kind of hard to me but in games i can make friends really easily and well Dubzy He’s the only person i know in real life is Dubzy. I usually play Borderlands 2, Borderlands pre-sequel, the whole valve pack, sometimes Call of duty black ops 2 multiplayer, and i might be going back to counter strike global offensive

A few things to add. You may want to place the questions above the answers and bold them via the [‘b] Bolded text here [’/b] (without the 's) Also, try to capitalize your I’s, I noticed a few of them in there…

Just saying, not that many people know you so you should probably get the word out that you are applying

It looks quite bad for you to jump into the format without reading any of the information I’ve provided. The biggest problem I have with you applying is that you seem to not meet all the requirements. For example:

You’ve just started playing on the server and you already applied? You should’ve waited a little more before turning this in and also your report could use a little editing such as punctuation. You also should label which questions are which and make them bold like this [Q1]

Locked. You must be on the server for atleast one week, you will be allowed to create a new one in 2 weeks from today.