[Denied] Helper Application - Roguedude2

Prior to this questionnaire, i did not fully under stand the [notags/notags] policy for the thread requirement, sorry for the inconvenience.

[Q1] What is your in-game name?
Eonzz/Eonzz (Magic) [I have 2 accounts]

[Q2] How often are you on the server?
5-6 days a week, following with 2-5 hours depending on how free I am during the day.

[Q3] Why do you want to be a Helper?
I’ve already known, and ran my own server(s) and know the basic rules for free build/item server, and already memerized most of the rules currently put into action by the owner/leaders of the server. I don’t mind spending (if need be for the person) 10 or so minutes helping someone understanding the server to best of my knowledge and showing them the ropes of what to do and what not to. I do have a knack for befriending many people on almost all the servers i’ve been into, and i’ve been told and referred to by Legoman to register for this rank. So really i’m thanking him mostly for this application!

[Q4] Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
At any time, moment, place i’m standing in the server I happen to be in part of, and with whomever may ask or just simply shout it out.

[Q5] Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?
Plenty, as ive stated above, ive learned most of the rules and know the basic needs of any server. Or even if its just Terraria related, I wont lie and say i know everything, but I do have a considerable amount of knowledge to the game.

[Q6] Tell us about you?
Im not really a person who likes to tell himself out to other people before I know them well, but ill give you somewhat of a sample, for now I wont reveal my name, but I am 17, male, working part time construction (sometimes wont be on if I need to be, so fore-warning about that) and have a girlfriend that ive known for almost 2 3/4 years. All I can really say about myself is that I am a very likeable person, and I will warn you before hand, I do have O.D.D. (A.D.D and A.D.H.D pretty much mixed together) So I wont lie to you saying I can control myself 100% of the time. I know I am annoying, just say it and i’ll quite down. I can get along with just about anyone for whom it may be, and how they act to how I am. Sadly thats all I can really give out to myself for you, but once ive met the staff, and the owners, I will feel more comfortable to leaking out more of myself. I hope you can see me as a good component to your staff!

Well this is a lovely application except I have a few things that you need to improve on/fix.

·On your profile, you are not linked with your terraria account.
·You need to improve your punctuation and you also need to capitalize your "I"s.

On a lighter note, you seem to want this rank and this application is wonderfully worded. If you improve/fix those things, you will gain my +1. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Quick update, i did edit the thread, so it’s now fixed and ready to read upon by others! Also by the time someone reads this, my account should be linked.

nice app +1

Thank you very much! Again, I am sorry i can’t tell you more about myself, but in do time it will come out.

Good app, you seem pretty helpful :J +1

Great application, and you seem helpful. +1

U iz Eonzz?! I didn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue: [b]+1[/b] I noticed you helping a few ppl so I give u dis :slight_smile: gives [b]+1[/b] With a smile and a imaginary cookie

Thank you guys very much, makes me feel good to know that i can help!

<---- Approves this application 1+

Thanks man, everything helps :smiley:

Pretty good application however he just became crew.stiil pretty good you get a +1 and a
(bash) knock on da head

Thank you, and ouch… c:

Im not trying to rush anything about this application, but just a question for it. Who is the one who approves the application and notify the person (aka me in this situation) that they got the promotion? Im sorry if it seems like im tryign to rush it but im not :stuck_out_tongue: Just some curiosity.

Hello :o? No one there </3

Testing phase begins you now have one week for me to train you. Good luck

Bumping this so applicant can see it.

Thank you very much ^^

Btw BoB, since the server was down, including yeterday, i have 3 more days to do the testing ^^


1 more day BoB

Guessing I didn’t get this since I want on vaca lol. Well no biggy, ill try in a month or two. I am a little dissapointed but im not gonna wine over it, ill make another one later. And for a reference to my vaca, ill be back in about a week or later, see you guys later ^^