[Denied] Helper Application FatalImpactz

[Q1] My in game name is fatalimpactz but my real in game name is wapapapapapow

[Q2 I am on daily if not on I am ill or at a place for the day which doesn’t happen loads

[Q3] I want to be helper so I can help others like chaos and darkness did for me I want to reply to others when they are in need like I was when chaos came to the rescue for me so I can return the favour and help others like chaos.

[Q4] I am 14 I am English and Australian I am a highly experienced gamer that has played on really old consoles like donkey Kong 1 game for one console is what I say when I play it. I have started playing terraria in the past 6 months and I now want to help this server like the staff helped me and I also want to mention how I also want help on the minecraft server that is coming soon I hear. thank you for reading my application to help others like chaos

Only 4 out of 6 questions were answered and I have never seen you help… Sorry m8 but I’m going to -1

Going to have to deny this application, I went onto the server under a guest name to ask a question you did respond but blatantly ignored me to talk to someone else in the middle of a question. And forgot about me.

You also seemed to only care about helping out a noob if they were a girl… I had tip come in as a guest, and you didn’t really seem interested as you were still building and then I had tip say she was a girl and you dropped everything and came to help her out…