[Denied] Helper Aplication: LeonytusGaming

Question 1
My in-game name is LeonytusGaming, after my love of lions.

Question 2
I am mainly on the server from 8pm to 10pm (GMT +2) everyday.
I log on to IRC randomly throughout the day (when I have time to spare)

Question 3
I want to be a helper to assist everyone in the best way that I can, and also to help keep the server clean.
I log on and off throught the day (as mentioned above) to check the chat, but I mainly use IRC and log on
at the designated time above. If granted this privilege, I intend to use it for the good of the Dark-Gaming server

Question 4
Yes, I will prioritize helping others and answering questions.
I help out on the server whenever I can, and I answer any questions I receive truthfully.
Although I mainly hear questions like “How do I login” and/or “How do I spawn bosses”, I still do what I can to help. If I cannot answer a question, I ask either A68 or Fierce Deity, depending on which is online at the time.

Question 5
I believe I have sufficient knowledge to answer any questions put forth to me.
I prioritize learning along with helping other players. I also plan to make some
youtube recordings on how to set up a Dark-Gaming Trading account, among other things.
I have helped many players (I will not name any, as I do not want to cause trouble) to go from guest rank into well-known members.

Question 6
My real name is Kean Arnesen, and I am a 14 year old grade 8 home-schooled student.
My birthday is 18 July.
I like to help, and have a good sense of humor. I started Terraria around 2 years ago, and the first server
I ever played on was the Dark-Gaming server. I am always willing to learn new things, and I like talking
to other people in-game and making conversation. My role model is JackSepticEye (youtuber)
and I one day hope to run a large and sucsessful youtube channel named “Starlight”.
I currently live in cape town. I have a somewhat unique personality (my opinion) and I like making new friends and trying new things :slight_smile:

Thanks Pickles! I have edited it slightly, and added a little more to q4 and q5. I don’t really know what else to say.

+1 nicely Written and you are always helping in any way shape and form.

Thanks fuzzy! That means quite a lot comming from you!

I support you efforts to get Helper position.


you now got all the votes you need. 2 of them From staff!!! :smiley:

Thanks to everyone in the community for helping me get this far! I hope to be of great help to you all :slight_smile:

that sounded like something Obama would say :smiley:

Not Obama! Never Obama >_>

Also, I might not be able to log on at the designated times above. It’s only for the next 2 weeks, due to exams and such. After that, things will be back to the norm :slight_smile:

1+ Greatly written, and way better than mine.

Nice app, wish you luck :slight_smile:

You have gotten the required amount of +1’s and now moved to the testing phase, good luck.

PostPhoned due to the player’s request, according to

Denied, due to a grief.
You may open a new application in one week.