[Denied] Harry's Helper Application

[Q1] My in game name for Terraria is Harry.

[Q2] I have to go to school so I am usually on this server most of the evening (7;30-10:30) and sometimes in the early afternoon if I have time. On the weekends I am usually on in the afternoon.

[Q3] I would like to be a helper because I love to help people in real life and I also want to do that on this server too. I want to help people to get to know the community and help people in every way that I possibly can. I think I would make a great helper because i have a decent amount of experience with TShock commands and I am very good at the technical side of Terraria

[Q4] I will prioritize helping people on the server (That is why I made this app) unless I am currently helping someone and I will server the person who asks first for help.

[Q5] Yes, I do believe that I meet the standards of knowledge to help people and satisfy them as a Helper.

[Q6] I am a 12 year old boy and my name is Harry, I do great in school. my favourite hobbies are, sports, video games and music, I currently learn piano at an piano class. I like to spend time with my family and my friends, right now I live in Alberta, Canada.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

It lacked writing
and it didnt look like you put your best effort into it.
You might want to edit it and make it longer for now

Ok you edited it and its still a bit short try and make it just a little bit longer
Though other than the fact that its too short you are helpful in game (most of them time)

Thanks for your opinion perkycat!

I would disagree. This has more writing than an average amount of helper applications. So because it is more and also I know this person. He is a great person on the server. I would recommend him. +1

This could use a little bit more writing, but I’m not going to take away points because of that.

Could have used more writing hmm I don’t know if I should down vote but otherwise good job

As others have said, still a little short. Not bad though. +1

That’s two you only need one more.

Hmmm since you made it longer and you are active more. So I will give this a +1
but try to be much i don’t know chatty because youre very quiet you do talk but not that much
but ill still give you a + 1

And that is three. Nice job.

more write well be good but harry is good person and i think he can do something for the server 1+

Pop please look at this and accept him when possible.

Not bad, +1. Could use a bit more writing but that’s okay.

That is 4 plus ones nice job.

Wow, thanks guys, I got enough plus ones to be a Helper, thanks so much for all your support guys, :smiley:

Still want to be helper? This’ll be considered for Today’s higher if so.

Yes I still wish to be a helper.

+1 for the things he do in the server and grammar and spelling

1+ I know him and he helps in the server and a good application.

Thanks for the feedback guys!