[Denied] got wrongly banned forever

so i was playing with my friend renzle since i just got him the game. so when we went on the server we amde a christmas tree together and had somefun. so the i had to get off and the next day i was banned forever on server and i dont now why pelase tell me why :frowning:

what about a format?

you are banned forever: dark-gaming.com/ban/683 thats what shows when i try to join and no i was not warned about this also i dont think this is fair because me and my friend were having fun on the server andi think i should be unbanned becasue im a help to somepeople on the server

Did you read the sign that is on the snow?
People who were helping and even ranked much higher than you got banned for other items,
and why is a grief about a ban isn’t fair?

i built 1 layer in the snow and put wood down infront of my house then put christmas tree there how is that grief? i didint destroy and buildings

So what about mining at my yard at the left part of the pictures?

dude it was like 10 blocks wide infront of my house

im just trying to spread christmas spirit

im just trying to spread christmas spirit

and celabrate

so now i cant go on the server and play with my friend

just becasue i built infront of my house?

Ik what your house is, read the past reply again.
The Christmas spirit isn’t really working at me.
If you noticed or not, the house you have built is also at my yard and I let it go,
and now more-over you are mining at my place?

like really you have a super huge house and i didint even destroy 1 block of your house and your complaining becasue i built infront if my house

if you didint want people to build there then why not claim it

undid the /rollback, standing right on the mined area.
I wasn’t really care about the tree as I didn’t have any problem with it, my
problem is that my places are being used by people who aren’t allowed to!
“Big house” isn’t really an excuse.

this is bullshit ive played and helped other admins and your being a little twat becasue i built a christmas tree there

im not gona bother you can loose a good helping player and that server just becasue he wanted to celabrate christmas

Other admins aren’t here, play according to the house rules. Don’t grief what
ever isn’t yours, no-one cares how much any people is helping because everyone here are the same,
no one is above anyone else, and people pay for their mistakes.
Anything else to add in order to convince me to let you get un-banned? (as the odds
aren’t really on your favor)
(p.s.-the tree has remained, same about the house itself)

ThePunisher has stated that he’s not going to be here tomorrow. So any further replies will be dealt with by me until he is back.

So nickholas, firstly I would like to let you know that grief isn’t just about removal of blocks, it is also about addition of blocks. In other words, a modification to an area or structure, that another player has used for his/her creation. Please note, there is no mention of “protection” in this area, because protection is a layer of defence against this problem; it does not define the difference between a players area/structure and an unused area.

Therefore, if it is stated, via a sign that the area is apart of his/her creation, and no discussion has taken place as to the area itself, with an Administrator, about whether or not it is a valid area that the player owns, without any current house or region protection, then you have therefore, without permission, edited an area that is not owned by you, and has be marked by another player, which is consequently grief. It is therein required, that as apart of this ban appeal, that you make sure you understand and have read over the rules as well as apologized for your mistake, and convinced me that this issue will not occur again, in order for your ban to be lifted.

i said im not gonna bother with it anymore

I’ll take that as your final decision; this ban appeal has been denied. If you come back, you’ll need to make a new one.