[Denied] [Goddess] Queen's Ban Appeal

First of all, I’ve been banned for stupid reasons. Side killing/Killing with Summoner Staff is allowed. I can kill people without getting in the PvP zone and I am tired of ThePunisher (The idiot) keep banning me. I am not gay and I never will be. I don’t have to suck ThePunisher’s dick in order to get back in game. I am just tired and I know side killing is allowed and I said Idiot 2 times to ThePunisher because he deserved it. If you are an idiot like ThePunisher please don’t bother replying because you are gay like him. The idiots Ezra and CommanderG.P are idiots and they always will be idiots.


Idiots like ThePunisher don’t ban people for stupid reasons. If you are going to choose mods for stupid terraria servers then choose decent people, not idiots like ThePunisher.

Firstly, this is not a ban appeal, this is an insult to our community and it doesn’t follow the format either. So I’m going to treat this as a complaint.

As far as I know on this matter, it’s not the PvP reasons you listed that were really banned for. Our community goal is provide a friendly environment, being mean and violating chat rules is against that goal and therefore you were firstly banned for that reason. Now any ban reason after that I’m going to ignore because you blatantly attempted ban evasion. ThePunisher has banned you for the appropriate reasons in this case and therefore he is at no fault.

Do you have any further valid points or questions to put forward?

So you are also an idiot. ThePunisher deserved being called an Idiot.

Well firstly, your post above is proof that you are banned for good reason and that ThePunisher is at no fault. We are not here to take insults but to provide help. If you have any further valid points or questions I will gladly take them.

He kept banning me after I rejoined. What were the reasons then? Didn’t he ban me already in #568.

If you manage to somehow rejoin after being banned, we see this as ban evasion. The whole idea is that if you’re banned there is an issue that needs resolving. Therefore, we require you to make a ban appeal to resolve the issue before we can let you back on the server. We do accept complaints of staff members and we do accept discussion on your ban if you feel it was unfair, however, the only way for you to resolve this is to make a thread on your ban rather than keep rejoining.
I hope that answers your question.

Calling me an idiot isn’t really working by the lower meaning of the word.
Not even going to read through this, stand along.
That’s fully your problem from now; go call other moderators in other servers as idiots.