[Denied] GenoLover's Helper Apllication

Q1. GenoLover

Q2. My timezone is EST. I am on from 4:00PM to 7:00PM on weekdays, and 8:00AM to 8:00PM on
weekends. In certain situations, I may not be on for a while in-game. This situation would not occur often at all.

Q3. I want to be a Helper to answer questions about where things are, and answering miscellaneous questions about the server. I also just want to help people have a better experience

Q4. Yes, because there is nothing else I really do. If I’m in PvP and someone asks a question: I’m gonna die. If I’m in PvE and someone asks a question: I’m gonna die. If I’m building and someone asks a question: I’m gonna die. Don’t ask how.

Q5. Yes, I believe I have the sufficient knowledge to answer questions that people ask. I know where items are located, I can use the /tp command to see where they are, and tell people to use the /spawn command if they are stuck somewhere.

Q6. I guess I’ll talk about myself now. I was once banned in for being an idiot and griefing the Hellevator. I was allowed back after making a ban appeal. And when I am on the server, I help the Helpers answer questions that get asked a ton. I am friends with UltimaA and LeonytusGaming on this server. I also am friends with other people that I cannot think of at the moment.

I suppose that is all.

Edit 1: Added some flesh to just about everything.

Short and sweet.
Nice application.
Good luck, Geno.

Geno’s back,
back again.
It’s a nice app!
I hope you won’t disappear again.
Good luck old friend, welcome back!
I see great potential in ye mate!
You get my…
+1 of approval

+1 Nice app, and I think you will make a great helper! You seem like a really nice guy who deserves this role.

Nice app, you would do great, I think…I don’t really know you, but good luck! +1

Denied. Application does not meet Format Requirements.