[Denied] Dubzy's Helper Application

[Q1] My Character’s In-game Name Is $Dubzy$
[Q2] Everyday Starting from usually about 3:00 pm- 8:00 pm on week days and 10:00 am- 6:00 pm
[Q3] Because I can see a lot of people who struggle and need help, and I even taught my friend Ninjapup who is also very knowledgeable of information of Terraria
[Q4] Yes, and i will share my knowledge of Terraria and use it to help others
[Q5] I’ve played Terraria for 400 hrs and i know almost all little glitches and easter eggs and I like helping others
[Q6] Well. first off I’ve always been the nerd out of my friends and, Ninjapup the friend i play online with mostly who i know in real life, and we’ve completed our Warrior, Mage. Ranger and Summoner playthrough’s in under 3 weeks. We play games such as Borderlands, Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead 2. I like to share and always learn more knowledge about gaming, as I said I’m a nerd or tech savvy, and also i just love being social about people.

I’ve not read your application because that’s not my job. However, I know who comes on the server and I know the ‘regulars’ from within the last couple of weeks. I know you’ve made a new account, but I still have the concern of:

I have NEVER seen you on EVER so I’m not sure if I give you nuthin or -1

Icy im $DJ_Al13nn$ just diff account

And ive actually played on this server for 3ish months over various accounts, take me word for it or dont, but just saying

Are you sure you’ve been on the server for 3 weeks because I’ve only seen you for like 1 week or so? You should also put a space between each question to make it easier to read and you should’ve put more information on the questions to REALLY show how you handle situations and your personality.

oh ok then you still get my -1 I’ve never seen you help as Any account

Do you have any other user on the site?
Are you even a Crew member?

It doesnt allow me to become a crew, and my other user on the site is DJAl13nn

You weren’t receiving any support, so the application is now denied.
You may (if you wish) to open a new application in not less than 2 weeks from today.